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Access a diverse, active internet audience with the variety of advertising options available on

Why advertise online with

Your customers are on every day. When you advertise on, your message is presented daily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make 25,000 additional impressions weekly by adding banner ads to your marketing plan. Advertising with will improve your bottom line without hurting your budget because the ad sponsorship packages have a variety of investment levels. reader profile

Advertising on gives you access to a multi-faceted audience that thrives on the fresh, original and insightful news, editorials, and commentaries. readers are:

  • 70 percent Millennials who connect to news via mobile
  • Heavily driven by digital/social media news sources
  • 35 percent Baby Boomers who derive their news via desktop
  • Mostly 25-49 years of age
  • 55 percent from Los Angeles County, California | geo-locations readers come from all over the L.A. County metro. Source: Google Analytics | advertising basic display ad sizes (click to see at actual size) Basic Display Advertising Units

Corporate or Community – Daily, Weekly & Monthly rates available

  • 728 x 90 Header / Footer Leaderboard Banner Display
  • 300 x 100 Small Rectangle
  • 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle Banner Display
  • 300 x 600 Large Rectangle Banner Display

Rates vary for site-wide exposure or by section. Discounts available for extended campaigns. Find out rates and more information by calling (310) 908-9683 or emailing us HERE. | Spotlight shines a light on community business partners. To have your business featured contact us Premium Branding opportunities

Influence the hearts and minds of readers and generate the genuine support needed to grow and prosper. Small Business Branding programs help make an impression with readers.

Small Business Branding Program package

  • “Spotlight” Business Sponsorship Feature [click HERE for example]
  • “Spotlight” can by written by for additional fee
  • Accompanied by 300 x 250 Sponsorship Medium Rectangle Banner to run site-wide
  • Links to Spotlight articles receive Boosted post to Facebook page with guarantee of 1000 impressions in Facebook News Feed.
  • Viewed by visitors for 30 days; unlimited exposure on Compton Herald Facebook page; additional Boosting available will continue Facebook exposure. | advertising
Appearing on the Facebook page helps raise awareness and generate traffic for our sponsors. (Click to enlarge)

To learn more about Small Business Branding please use the Contact Us form. | obituaries obituaries


“In Memoriam” is the obituary feature [click HERE for examples]. Obits are viewed by readers for a minimum of six months, and may remain posted indefinitely.

Information must be submitted as a Word document and is subject to editing for clarity and grammar.

Provide one photo of the deceased in color or black & white at a minimum 600 dpi.

Obituaries can be submitted before or after interment and are posted within 3 days after receipt.

Here are the steps to getting an obituary published:

  1. Submit written obituary via email HERE
  2. Pay fee of $150 via emailed PayPal invoice
  3. Compton Herald editors review submission for clarity, grammar
  4. Published on
  5. A link with the published obituary sent to payer via email

To learn more about placing obituaries, please contact us HERE.