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The Compton Drive-in was a major venue of entertainment in the city prior to 1975.

Yesteryear Charm: ‘My childhood experience was simple growing up in Compton; we watched cartoons on Saturday mornings, walked to the corner store, and rode our bikes for hours…’


My childhood was in Compton, Calif. during a time when everyone treated each other like family. We went outside to play, we got dirty and we didn’t eat fast food … we ate home cooked meals — garden fresh vegetables, fresh grown fruits, potted meat, tuna and crackers, Vienna sausages, Now-n-Laters, Frooties, pickles ….

We played Simon Says, Mother May I, Red Light/Green Light, Hide and Go Seek, Jacks, Marbles, Tag, Hopscotch, Jump Rope (with a long ass phone cord), Checkers, and raced against each other in the street.

The guys played football/softball in the middle of the street. There was no bottled water; we drank from the water hose. We watched cartoons on Saturday mornings, walked to the corner store and rode our bikes for hours without a cell phone. We weren’t afraid of anything, not even the police. If someone had a fight, that’s what it was — a fist fight. Kids didn’t have guns when I grew up. The street lights were your curfew. School was mandatory. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew if we disrespected any grown up we were going to get hit with whatever was close. #ItTakesAVillageToRaiseAChild

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Suzan Firth (formerly Suzan Smith) grew up in Compton and graduated from Manuel Dominguez High School in 1971.



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