Healing balm for America: ‘Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven’

An anthropomorphic metaphor of light and darkness told through the interactions of two subterranean prairie communities — one black, one white; a message for America

Here unfolds a story about faith’s just reward, the consequences of an unforgiven spirit, and the power of agape love to transform darkness into light, as told through the interactions of two subterranean prairie communities — one white, one black. Faith became Rhema to the prairie dogs and African ground squirrels of neighboring Prairie Dog Town and Canaan Town after rumor spread of the encroach of a murderous spirit descending upon the towns.

Initially spooked by the threat, the two culturally maligned communities realized that only renewed hope and faith in the Sovereign King could spare them the wrath of a vengeful spirit. The truth that faith is able to move mountains suddenly became a living word, underscored by the incontrovertible truth that the Sovereign King’s infinite love will rebuke the darkness and vanquish the savage beast.

Origin of this anthropomorphic metaphor

Journalist/author Jarrette Fellows, Jr. Photo courtesy of LightStory Books

“Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” is a metaphor of the “church” in America — a largely segregated body and reluctant moral voice in a nation deeply divided along racial lines. “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” mirrors this image of the disinclined “church” in 2017, providing a reflection that could help the “church” realize its shortcomings in helping the nation dispense the aura of hate that currently looms large.

The “church” failed during slavery, post-slavery, failed to ameliorate the Jim Crow race divide, and has been a timid moral voice from the 1960s through the New Millennium.

“Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven,” challenges the “church” to accomplish what it has never accomplished — create a dialogue of love and understanding between the races. A healthy verbal exchange is direly needed, not recalcitrant debate. This can be fostered in bible studies, Sunday School, church retreats, and conventions.

“Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” is a latter-day device to rebuke the lingering shadow of depravity. The plot/storyline is engaging and will help those who comprise the “church” see themselves and how their silence has left a void and muffled the moral voice of reason in the soul of America.

This is an appeal for Americans everywhere, who care about the plight of a teetering nation, to encourage their circle of friends to read “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” and spread the word to create a national dialogue on race and religion.

Race rancor is also evident in the “church,” which is largely segregated on Sunday morning. Christians, themselves must understand, that to hate their brother and purport to love God is a contradiction. It is written in 1 John 4:20: “If a man say, I love God, and hates his brother is a liar: for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?”

Race hatred is sin and will preclude them from the Kingdom of God. “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” comes as a thread of light in the darkness, an engaging fiction story with an undeniable message of healing balm for our distressed nation. For Christian believers on both sides of the demarcation line wrestling with bigotry, repentance, and an unforgiving spirit — you owe it to yourself to read “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiveness,” by journalist/author Jarrette Fellows, Jr., one voice crying in the wilderness.

The lower creation in “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” has a message for America. With the guidance of the Sovereign King, they know something humans don’t.

Where to acquire “Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven”

If you have admired and enjoyed Jarrette Fellows, Jr.’s work as a journalist through the years (, you will love him as a fiction writer and his amazing new faith thriller.

Prairie Dog Town Unforgiven” by Jarrette Fellows Jr., UPC 9781683527657 is available at the following online stores; check price and availability at:

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