LOCAL VOICES: Shamefulness of false prophecy

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Twisting and misapplying holy scripture to justify a political position or candidate is a false prophecy; religion + politics = politics


I went back and forth on whether to comment on this. I have been honored to use this and other platforms to speak into people’s lives. Consequently, I consider soberly on not just what to say, but whether to comment. Part of the reason is I know politics these days is such a contentious topic (why it is would be better addressed in a separate post) for so many. And this is not as much about politics as it is the church’s voice in these issues.

As to the video clip herewith, my response is to say don’t twist and misapply scripture to justify a political position or candidate. First, Jesus didn’t speak abusively of the masses. Jesus called the religious leaders vipers, not everyday folks that hadn’t gotten his message.

Jesus called religious leaders vipers for twisting the Word to control, manipulate, and tear down people. Secondly, His followers at the Sermon on the Mount didn’t go around punching others in the face just because they looked, spoke or dressed differently.

And thirdly, don’t call a man godly when he has multiple marriages in his past, admits to never having even asked Jesus Christ into his heart, and repeatedly belittles people. And don’t do it while condemning a man who is the husband of one wife, goes to a Christian church and attempts to show grace to others mainly because of his name, and (yes, I’m going to say it) the color of his skin.

Brothers and sisters, this is not godly! When you mix religion and politics you get politics.

You don’t sound godly, you just sound political struggling to sound religious.

Just my thoughts.  I had to speak on this one.

Dr. Arthur J. Gray is an attorney and former pastor in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.



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