Reality: Race hate in America breathes free

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Hate has many tentacles in America, which unfortunately is something African-American boys learn early in their lives. Photo courtesy

Reality about race hate in America is its refusal to die; after 241 years of bigotry, it stubbornly breathes free

Many probably remember Christopher Dorner the Los Angeles police officer killed tragically in a shootout with his own peers on Feb. 3, 2013. Dorner was a patriot — U.S. Naval ensign, police officer, dedicated to “protect and serve.” He though he had arrived and was equal to all Americans; a citizen of “one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all,” playing/competing on the levelest playing field on Earth. So he thought, until reality flushed him like frigid cold water.

Dorner awoke to a living nightmare one day to discover the powers that be still considered him an “outsider” and besmirched his reputation, career — his entire reason for being. The LAPD did that to Dorner, who bled “blue” and couldn’t handle the raw reality that education, hard work, dedication, and patience were simply not enough. Hate trumped all of that.

There are many educated, qualified African-Americans who have worked hard, like Dorner, but have been denied equality of opportunity. Whoever said the enemy of God and man is locked away in chains, stripped of power with no ability to further deceive men?


Dorner discovered that and turned 180 degrees into a ballistic wind … to his own demise.

No matter how successful Black Americans become, we can never lose sight of the truth — that spiritual darkness in solidarity with racial bigotry breathes free from the highest elements of society to the lowest.

Race hate finds refuge in a sick heart for which healing is the providence of God.

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