Black Men: the Race Needs You to Lead, Now!

God ordained the man to “walk into the teeth of the wind and bear the brunt of the gale.”

Recite: ‘I have the strength of kings and the gentleness of lambs. I am a lover of self, not possessed of self-hatred, and I am endued with a measure of greatness foreordained by God, and now I stand ready to reassume my rightful place in God’s earthly order as a sparkling jewel, for he has favored me to be many wonders for my people who cry for the leadership of the men.’

From “Sable Man Wind Breaker” © 1992 by Jarrette Fellows, Jr.

It is time to dry up and lament no more. Facts are the reality. Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Battles are won and lost. The political campaign could have gone either way, and there was no guarantee that either candidate had our back. Our only assurance is that God is our protector and  benefactor, and under Him, we are our brother’s keeper.

For American-Americans decrying hardship to come, bridle such misspeak. The tongue is a powerful little member with the power to induce defeat or triumph. Take stock of what we are – an enduring people endued with greatness. Speak conquest. Speak triumph. Speak deliverance. We are endowed with strength and endurance by Almighty God to withstand the storm.

We have dreams and visions to bring about, thereafter to celebrate. Now is not the time to fall limp and wither. To the men, stand up, lead the women and children. God ordained you to “walk in the teeth of the wind and bear the brunt of the gale.” We govern ourselves and chart our own course – not leave it to government or to those who rule under the government without concern for our designs.

Our dreams and visions are left to us!

Let us become the mighty rushing river surging onward forever shaping valleys, carving canyons, unceasingly, eternally, full of life and vitality, brimming with Peaceful Rage!