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How College Students Can Make Money Online Without a Website

Nowadays, the increasing costs of college have started to take their toll on students.

From buying textbooks, to rising tuition prices, to even the interest rates of student loans; it’s clear that students need to find a source of income that would build up skills that they could use, both in their jobs and in graduate school.

Although joining paying websites might seem like a possible solution, the sites are extremely competitive, not to mention the many scams masquerading as these potential websites.

So how can a struggling college student make money? How can they get a job that allows them to develop their skills, and shows them the realities of the business world? Simple; they can self-publish books on Amazon.

 One Way to Make Money Online While in College

Amazon is a self-publishing platform in the writing world that can get a student’s work in front of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people.
This is because Amazon creates ebooks, print books, and even audiobooks with content students supply them with.
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Generally speaking, if students want to make a profit on Amazon, they would first have to write a bedazzling story, one that’s been proofread time and time again to make sure there are no mistakes.
They can hire editors, or even have friends or colleagues go over their book to double check these errors. Students will also need an appealing book cover to attract potential readers.
They can do this either by designing the cover themselves, or by hiring a professional cover designer. Students don’t need to spend much on this; in fact, sites like Fiverr have artists who will design book covers for only $5-10.
In short, Amazon offers college students the ability self-publish quality books to make a profit. However, they must be able to write a quality story with no errors, and a have wonderful book cover that catches people’s attention.

 How to Get Book Ideas from Keyword Research

But even so, it can be hard for students to rise above the competition, even with Amazon.
Of course, there are many advertising techniques students can use, such as paid book marketing sites, book reviews, and even a book marketing service or two. However, one of the most effective ways students can market their book is by using keywords.
Knowing which keywords to use can help a student promote their book to more people, simply because more people are searching up that keyword. Students can see which genres are the most popular, and whether or not their book will fit in with these genres.
One way students can find these keywords is by looking through Amazon’s Best Seller ranks, and taking notes on which keywords these books use. Yet another way to find keywords is by using a program called KDP Rocket.
KDP Rocket helps students to research not only keywords, but just how well their book stacks up to their competitors, as well as estimate the potential earnings from their books.


The program also lets students know what shoppers are looking for, and can help students choose their top seven keywords.
By using techniques like looking through Amazon’s Best Seller ranks, or even programs like KDP Rocket, students can get more exposure for their books by choosing the right keywords.


Self-publishing on Amazon allows college students to make money in an incredibly enjoyable way.
Not only does self-publishing allow students to develop their writing and research skills, but it also helps them combat rising college costs, not to mention help repay some of their debt.
It’s a fun way to earn income, and with a bit of effort, can be a worthwhile experience for the student.