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Apostle Frederick K.C. Price releases new book

Review: ‘The Victorious, Overcoming Life’ by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price conveys message, it’s ‘Your duty to be Great’

By DANIELLA MASTERSON, Contributing writer

WARNING: Do not read this new book by Apostle Frederick K.C. Price — “The Victorious, Overcoming Life,”  if you want to feel satisfied that you have served Our Heavenly Father to the fullest victoriously already — because you won’t. But if you are still willing to go before God and be honest about your purpose, the desires of your heart, and the unchecked goals on your bucket list, then read his book!

“The Victorious, Overcoming Life” examines the Book of Colossians. It’s not meant to be a scholarly study, but rather a contemporary commentary on Paul’s letter. Although Colossians is about 1,900 years old, Apostle Price highlights some of the letter’s timeless truths.

The first chapter of “The Victorious, Overcoming Life” is powerful and will light a fire in you. Apostle Price accomplishes this first by helping you to see yourself through spiritual eyes.

“Do you realize that angels, who are mighty in power, mighty in strength and mighty in wisdom and knowledge, cannot call God, Father?  But here is man, a puny speck of dust, a molecule on the sea of eternity; and yet, those of us who choose Jesus have the right to call Almighty God our Heavenly Father. Are you worthy to call Him that?”

Are you worthy to call Him Father? That’s a powerful question if you sincerely ponder it; if you really love our Heavenly Father, and if you are truly “saved,” you will be drawn into Price’s explanation of worthiness.

“Walking worthy of the Lord means living in such a way that the privilege granted to you of being a child of God is being exhibited to the world.”

“…Walking worthy includes being fruitful in good works and increasing in knowledge, in addition to living a righteous, Christ-like lifestyle,” he writes.

Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to become approval-hungry children, but He does expect us to bear fruit.

But many believers have become apathetic and stagnant. They have fallen into the snares that easily stifle many of us. These snares make us feel like we’re stuck, either because we’re aging, our health is declining, we have a demanding job, or we’re caring for children or a disabled parent or for myriad other reasons.

These circumstances can be so damaging, they blind us from the fact that God has equipped us with whatever we need to fulfill our calling.

If you still desire to do more or fulfill something that God has put on your heart, Price’s book will incentivize you better than any big-ticket motivational speaker because he’s using the Word and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The world’s wisdom cannot sustain the spirit-filled believer or empower us the way God’s Word can. That’s because when we became born again, our DNA changed. Only the Word can make us “More Than Conquerors” who live the victorious, overcoming life.

But that’s this writer’s point of view. Let me know what you think. “The Victorious, Overcoming Life” is this month’s Faith Builders Book Club selection.  Join us on Facebook and enjoy special discounts and conversations with other members of the EIF family.

Daniella Masterson is a freelance journalist based in Los Angeles

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