Twenty Eight Arrested in Human Trafficking Sting

Late Tuesday night almost 30 people were arrested in sting targeting human traffickers in Compton.  The Sherrif’s department made the announcement Wednesday that they had put together a task force made up of various members of the of the Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department along with FBI, District Attorney’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Unified School Police and Homeland Security Investigations have arrested 28 people, many of whom were men who had approached undercover officers soliciting a variety of sex acts.

The sting included the arrests of almost a dozen women who were charged with some form of solicitation.  Many had approached undercover officers to solicit money for various sex acts.  It also included the rescue of a 16 year old girl who had been brought to Compton from Texas for the purposes of prostitution.

Sex Trafficking

Many of the women who were arrested have agreed to some sort of help to remove themselves from the lifestyle that led them to prostitution, including getting away from the traffickers.  Of the dozen women arrested three that were part of the sting had been identified as victims of human trafficking and have agreed to accept help from the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.  Three additional women are working with the police department and the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program.  This program is there to help women get off the streets, get an education and drug counseling if necessary and steer them in a better direction.

The 16 year old minor who originally from Houston, Texas had been sent to Southern California to escape local law enforcement back in Texas.  The FBI has returned her to her family back in Houston.  Human trafficking is a bigger problem in the United States and here in Compton than most people realize.  As much as the FBI and local and state law enforcement try and put a stop to it the problem is ongoing.  This is just the latest in a string of arrests.  Here is a closer look at the problem of human and sex trafficking.

Sex Trafficking of Minors

Of the group of men that were arrested there are still two that are in police custody.  One of the men, Juan Carlos Perez Rivas faces the charge of traveling to meet a minor for lewd purposes.  He had several online conversations with a deputy posing as a young girl, he was arrested after setting up a meeting with the girl in order to exchange sex for money.  He is being held on $75,000 bail  and is currently at the Century Regional Detention Facility.