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A Helpful Guide for Packing Ahead of the Move to a Care Home

Packing Ahead

Packing Ahead

As with the vast majority of other changes in life, when moving out of one home and into another, the preparation, organization, and often, high levels of stress and anxiety, involved can often feel insurmountable.
So, with that being said, for those who are about to begin their new phase of life in a care home or are helping relocate a loved one, this article is most definitely for you.
Personal & Sentimental Items

Most importantly, in the first few weeks and months of the move, the more personal, sentimental, and individually special items you have, both in your possession and decorating and adorning your room, the more comfortable you will feel.
Human beings find comfort, excitement, happiness, and a whole host of memories in even the smallest of objects, and as such, photographs, jewelry, and other meaningful objects are the most important packing considerations.
Coming in behind at a close number two, however, are those personal items that allow you to live as happy and comfortable a life as possible, including your prescription medicines, haircare and bathing products, perfumes, skincare items, and make-up (should this be something you wear).

Electronic Items

Even if you have always been someone who has made a conscious effort to stay away from the virtual takeover of technology in almost every area of modern life, you may well want to consider dipping your toe in the waters of tablets and laptops.
Not only will this give you a new focus and something to get your teeth into as you teach yourself the basics, but keeping in touch through video messaging and social media with your friends and family is also significantly easier with technology.

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Whether you are, these days, slightly more unsteady on your feet and no longer have any particularly strong aspirations of climbing Mount Everest on the weekend, even if you spend many days inside, dressing your best will make you feel comfortable and as if you are still ‘you’. Ensuring that you have your favorite clothes with you will help with that.
Prominent and established Stanshawes residential care home in Yate emphasizes ensuring that residents retain their individuality through everything from their clothes and accessories to their hobbies and interests, so if there is something you like to do, make sure it is known so you can carry on doing it in your new home.

Bedding & Nightwear

Obviously, no reputable and renowned care home is going to have you move into an unfurnished home, and it is highly likely that there will be pillows, blankets, quilts, and throws a-plenty laid out ready for you.
However, in another effort to make you feel secure, safe, and more tranquil in your new home, bringing your own bedding and nightwear is an excellent idea and will ensure you are comfortable both on the inside and the outside.
Remember to bring coats and jackets for all seasons and weather conditions, various styles of shoe for the same reason, and plenty of normal clothing to wear throughout the day.