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How to Secure Your Business Premises

Secure Your Business Premises

If you own a business and premises where you store your possessions and equipment, one of the most important tasks on the agenda is to secure it from potential intruders and criminal offenses taking place. Over a 12-month period, over 1 in 10 businesses are burgled, which is a substantial figure that could mean that your business is also at high risk.

Your business base is crucial to your success, so if you require some information on how to secure your business premises, you have come to the right place. Take a look at just some of the key tips below:

Install alarm systems

One of the fundamental aspects of keeping your business secure is to install security alarms both on the interior and exterior of the property. Just their presence can discourage potential criminals from seeing your premises as a target. The last thing a burglar wants to do is draw attention to themselves when they’re carrying out a robbery, so an alarm system is a clever tactic.

Security cameras

Another preventive measure to ensure that criminals don’t invade your business premises is the use of security cameras. Many criminals are simply opportunists rather than trained criminals; just the presence of a security camera is a good deterrent. What’s more – if criminals do happen to cause damage or steal assets from your property, the entire activity should be captured on the footage, which can then be handed over to the police.

Security cameras

Fencing is an ideal solution to keep criminals off your property. Security fencing is designed in a way that cannot be climbed or could be dug through underneath to create a gap to reach your premises. Fencing topped with barbed wire a great deterrent, while a buried fencing option with deep-rooted foundations prevents criminals from making their way underneath. St Louis fence companies can create custom fencing to suit your exact requirements when it comes to securing your commercial property.

Educate staff

One of the most significant issues for your business premises’ security is the staff’s lack of knowledge in the security sector. If employees understand how to act in regard to security, they may spot suspicious activity, which could put your entire business at risk.
Staff needs to become aware of the key aspects of general security and how they can offer a helping hand to keep your business protected. With this in mind, it would be wise to carry out security training sessions regularly to inform your staff members of how they should perform and how to keep your business property secure. Rewarding your employees when it comes to spotting security breaches will help create a much more secure business premise.

Secure your equipment

If you’re a business that is equipped with a wide range of technical devices, it would be a wise idea to ensure that inspections are carried out regularly to determine who they are allocated to. Computers should be installed with security software and tagged in the event of a robbery.