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What’s Causing Your Aches and Pains?

Aches and Pains

It’s perfectly normal to experience the occasional aches, pains, and stiffness once in a while. It could be that you have had a strenuous workout in the gym, or perhaps you have done a lot of other physical activity when moving house, decorating, or gardening. Usually, these sensations will go away after a day or two, but if they are persistent, they might be caused by something else. Below are some examples of what typically causes ongoing aches and pains and how you can change them.

Bad Posture

It might be the way you stand or sit that is causing you grief, as bad posture can cause your muscles and skeleton to misalign, which causes this kind of irritation. If you are someone who slouches, you might want to try Pilates or yoga, as these exercises can help to improve your posture. Even just doing a few of these stretches and poses in the morning can help to soothe stiffness and achiness. You should also try to make a conscious effort to sit up straight or get an ergonomic office chair if you work at a desk all day.

Repetitive Strain

This is another very common cause of this type of discomfort, and if you work in a job where you’re lifting heavy items or even typing at a computer frequently throughout the day, it could be causing repetitive strain. It is what happens when your muscles and tendons are being overused, and they become inflamed as a result. The best thing to do if this is happening to you is to rest the affected area and try to reduce how often you’re doing this activity if possible. Supports for your wrist, knees, back, or elbow can also help to ease repetitive strain pain. Anti-inflammatory medication could also make you feel more comfortable. 

Sports Injury

If you have been hitting it hard at the gym or fallen awkwardly during a sporting match, chances are you have injured yourself. Often you can tell if this has happened because the injured area will swell and be very tender, but this doesn’t always happen straight away. With some rest and a cold compress, these injuries might recover quickly, but for more significant damage, you might need to have physiotherapy. You can also lookup tips on how to speed up the recovery of a sports injury at home on ATL Physio.

Bad Mattress

If you are waking up each morning with a bad back, neck, or shoulder, it could be due to a poor-quality mattress. Another sign that this could be the problem is if you have found yourself waking up throughout the night and tossing and turning to try and get comfortable. It’s important to have the Best mattress that will support your body properly while you sleep to relieve muscular pain and ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Always test out a mattress in-store before you buy to make sure it’s right for you.

These are all common causes of aches and pains, but if none of these appears to be the issue for you, you should see your doctor to ensure it’s not a more serious medical problem that needs attention.