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Bedroom Style Trends in 2022


In the world of interior design and fashion, trends are always on the move. Whether you’re someone that likes to keep up with the latest trends or you have your favorite styles and pick up new ones as they come along, taking a look at the latest style trends for the desired area will help guide anyone to perfect their interior design strategy. 

One area in which interior design is always important is in the bedroom. Bedrooms are highly personal and important spaces, providing the appropriate space to catch up on much-needed rest while also reflecting on personalities and serving as a space where you can feel at your most comfortable. 

If you’ve ever stayed in a guest room, you’ll know that it feels strange to sleep in a room without any of your usual comforts, such as ornaments and pictures on the walls or your day-to-day objects in the room. The color scheme of the room and the type of bed you’re sleeping in all go to show just how important bedroom style really is to each individual. 

Read on to find out more about the bedroom style trends on the rise in 2022 so that you can take them into account when you make your next purchase or perfect your bedroom’s interior design. 

Smart bedrooms

As with essentially every space or object in 2022, bedrooms are becoming ever-more technologically integrated, with smart bedrooms firmly on the rise in 2022. 

The advent of the internet of things, which is essentially a network of interconnected devices, has meant that there are more and more aspects of the bedroom that can be controlled through the use of devices such as phones and tablets. 

One particular aspect of this connectivity revolution is blinds – an essential installation for many, as they help to keep out light and heat when they are not desired. 

Connecting blinds to a home-automation system means that they can be drawn or lowered with the press of a button or draw themselves automatically in conjunction with other factors such as the turning on of a coffee machine and an alarm going off. 

Mindful lighting

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught society anything, it’s that it’s important to get outside and use natural light to help with mental health, mood, and other wellness qualities.

This means it’s no surprise that alongside a resurgence in houseplants and the creation of green spaces in homes has come a renewed focus on ambient lighting and how using it mindfully can help to bring some of the benefits of natural light into the home. 

Again, with technology at the forefront, lighting can be controlled remotely, whether this is a case of dimming lights progressively as you prepare for bed or using a combination to create that ideal warm glow.

Vintage styles

As is often the case in style trends, vintage styles like to make their return. One vintage style that has made a recent return is that of the 4 poster bed

Thought of traditionally as something out of movies and books, 4 poster beds have a correlation with luxury, and for those looking for a luxury touch, it could be the perfect installation. 

They are easily draped with throws, silks, and blankets while installing curtains around the edge will create a feeling of snugness, comfort, and privacy.