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Choosing the Best Colored Eye Contacts to Match Your Hair Color

Hair Color

Hair Color

There are two methods to choose colored eye contacts based on your hair color either pick a pair that precisely complements your hair colour, or choose a contrasting tint to make your crowning beauty stand out.

For blonde hair, which coloured contact lenses work best?

In fact, blonde hair complements a wide range of eye colours, making eye tints appear even more lively.

Traditionally, blonde hair complements blue eyes the best. In contrast to blonde hair, light and dark blue contact lenses will stand out more. The combination of blue eyes—always a popular feature—and attractiveness makes for a lot of envy. Another color that complements blonde hair is bright green, which offers a lighter appearance that works particularly well with skin that is light or beige in colour. Instead of a deeper shade of green, a lighter shade of green works better for this style.

What color contacts work best with red hair?

Red hair is undoubtedly the finest colour for green eyes and green contact lenses. Your eyes will truly stand out thanks to the explosive contrast between the two colours. Any hue of green complements red hair, while darker hues work better with lighter reds and brilliant green looks best with deep reds. If green isn’t really your thing, blue is a good alternative that still provides a stunning contrast.

What colour contacts look best with brown hair?

The greatest hair color for brown eyes has to be brown hair, despite the fact that much of the styling advice we provided featured opposing hues. Together, the many brown hues create an appearance that is both effective and natural. Unsurprisingly, hazel eye contacts likewise produce this natural appearance. Any dark shade of brunette or black hair will highlight the warm tones of hazel eyes, making it the ideal hair colour for them. A more unique brown hair and blue eye combination can also be achieved by going very bright. You will most definitely stand out in a positive manner with this electrifying style.