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Easy Air Conditioner Repair & Tips to Save Money

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Maintenance and repair of home appliances can cost you heavy, especially when your appliance is a heavy air conditioner. A modern AC unit consists of sophisticated electronic components, machinery, and chemicals. Therefore, if you don’t care about your AC system, you might end up needing the appliance repair

However, you can save this maintenance and repair cost with little knowledge and awareness. Most of the common issues in air conditioning can be solved by the average toolkit that we have at our home. 

Even though different brands have different AC systems, the majority of the air conditioning systems are divided into two major units – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. 

The indoor unit has evaporator coils, and the outside unit has a condenser and compressor. If you pay attention carefully to AC maintenance, you not only will end up saving money and time but will also end up extending the life of your air conditioner. Choose Sovereign Planned Services for easy air conditioner repair.

Also, this maintenance can never replace the requirement of routine services as expert professionals, and appliance specialists can only perform some things. The maintenance will only reduce the number of visits to the machinery expert and reduce the servicing cost and appliance repair

Easy Tips For Repair And Maintain AC To Save Your Money

Here are some tips that you can do by yourself to repair and maintain the air-conditioning system of your home. 

1. Change Your Filter in Air Conditioning System

Air filters are one of the critical elements in the maintenance of an AC. Experts recommend that you should change the filters of your air conditioning system once per month. Of course, it depends on the usage of the air conditioner and you can extend the replacement of filters, but it is not recommended. 

An air filter filled with dirt simply blocks the airflow and puts pressure on the AC. This pressure can undoubtedly reduce the flow of fresh air into your home. Also, if the dirt is not cleaned or filtered correctly, it will reach and saturate over the unit parts inside the AC. You can easily clean this dirt by yourself instead of calling a professional. A professional will not only cost you more but also increase the cost of appliance repair

2. Clean the Evaporator Coil in Indoor Unit

The evaporator coil is amongst the essential parts of an air conditioning system. The evaporator coil is the part that swallows the hot air of your house. Also, the refrigerant passes through these coils. 

According to the experts, the average time period to clean evaporator coils is at least once per year. The cleaning of coils is an easy job as you can perform it by spraying some chemicals. The only tough part is to locate the coil as the position of the coils inside an AC varies because of configurations, brands, and models. Mostly, its location is at the top of the AC furnace.

Also, you can check the AC manual before cleaning the coil. You can clean the coil easily with the help of a foaming spray that you can purchase from any hardware store. Self-cleaning of the coil will save you a decent amount of money that might have cost you as appliance repair and service charges. 

3. Condensation Drainage System Unclogging

Clogging is one of the common problems that can be seen in an air conditioning system. If you will call an expert to clean up the clog in the condensation drainage, it will cost you hundreds of dollars. Also, this problem always occurs after a certain amount of time and it’s not at all cheap in terms of money. 

Therefore, if you haven’t done maintenance for a long time, there’s a high possibility that your condensation drainage is clogged. Clog blocks the condensation process and chokes the pipe completely, which ultimately affects the cooling unit of your home. This problem can lead to severe damage to your home when the water has nowhere to go due to the blockage. 

You can check if your AC has a clog – 

  1. If you see water droplets around the indoor unit, and 
  2. If your AC is not cooling correctly or even stopped cooling at all.

The fan will continue to work, but you will not feel cold air at all. 

You can quickly unclog the condensation drainage by – 

  1. Blowing it away using the compressed air, and
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to extract the saturated clog.  

Make sure you turn off the air conditioner before cleaning your indoor unit.  

Wrapping Up

Modern air conditioners are far better than the old school AC system when it comes to maintenance and appliance repair. So if you are considering purchasing a new AC, make sure you check the above features that need less maintenance or that comes with easy-to-do maintenance.