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Four must-have items to include in your business’s first aid kit

first aid kit

A first aid kit is an intrinsic part of your business’s health and safety strategy. By making sure that it is well-stocked with a range of medical equipment, you can ensure that minor injuries are quickly dealt with and patched up, and major injuries are prevented from worsening before the emergency medical team arrive. To help you be prepared, here are four must-have items to include in your business’s first aid kit. 

1. Bandaids

Perhaps the most ubiquitous item to have in your first aid kit is a supply of bandaids in a range of sizes. Minor cuts and grazes are a regular life occurrence, from painful paper cuts to grazed knuckles and it is important that bandaids are applied to prevent them from becoming infected. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit any size and location of cut, and you can get waterproof bandaids that will not peel off when in contact with water, such as when washing your hands. 

2. Tylenol

Your employees might experience mild to moderate pain during the day whilst still being fit enough to work. This can have a variety of causes, such as menstrual cramps, toothache and headaches caused by eye strain from prolonged use of a computer screen. Make sure that your first aid kit has a supply of Tylenol tablets to alleviate such pain. However, as excessive use of Tylenol has been linked to serious complications, such as liver failure, it might be worth keeping track of the frequency with which it is being used by your employees.

3. Stretcher

You might think it a bit excessive, but a stretcher is a useful piece of medical equipment to have in your first aid arsenal. This might particularly be the case if your business uses heavy machinery which could potentially cause serious injury, or alternatively if you deal with clients who are susceptible to falls, such as elderly people. A lightweight foldable stretcher will make it easier for you to move those you have sustained an injury or who have fallen and are having difficulty getting up again. For more information about stretchers, visit

4. Defibrillator 

A defibrillator is another piece of medical kit that you might not immediately consider when putting together your business’s first aid kit; however, it can prove immensely useful and even be the difference between life and death in some cases. Cardiac arrest can occur at any time, though there may be some situations when the chances of it occurring are increased. Working in a manufacturing plant, for instance, can increase the risk of employees sustaining serious life-threatening injuries and electrocution, which could cause them to go into cardiac arrest. Likewise, if your client base is made up of individuals with complex medical needs, you might be more likely to experience this situation. It is important that all employees are properly trained to use the defibrillator correctly to ensure that it is used most effectively.