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How to Avoid Being Stuck in an Elevator

Stuck in an Elevator

The thought of being stuck in an elevator is perhaps common in those of us who take a ride up and down them on a daily basis. During these rides, you’ve probably created your own list as to what action you would take should you get stuck in that small, confined space. Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure, so check out these next few tips on how to avoid being stuck in an elevator.

Be Sure That The Elevator You Are Using Is Competent

If you have any fears about the elevator you are using, surely the first thing to do is simply not step in it without checking that it’s safe to use. Check with the building to see if they have a maintenance department that you can speak to about whether the elevator is being regularly inspected or is due the next one soon. Most businesses will welcome inspections of their elevators since it is more cost-effective to maintain their current equipment than having the expense of paying to repair it or even replacing it further down the line. Most importantly, elevator inspections by a company such as ATIS should be carried out regularly to increase passenger safety and keep getting them to where they need to be without any accidents.

So, the next time you step inside and feel slightly anxious as you press the button to your floor, take a minute to find the correct person to speak to about the elevator’s upkeep.

Don’t Be Foolish 

We know that passion can strike at any time; however, if you want to avoid getting stuck in that small space, then make sure you don’t push up or rest against the door in any circumstance because you may cause the elevator to stop mid-floor. Even more foolishly, using the elevator in an event of a fire can cause a serious risk of being trapped and lead to very unwanted outcomes, so if you smell smoke or hear a fire alarm, always take the stairs.

The same advice goes for jumping in an elevator, which would not only be annoying for other passengers but could also put additional pressure on the elevator’s mechanism. You may have heard that jumping in an elevator that is in freefall could save your life; however, this fascinating rumor is in fact wrong, and jumping would be in no way beneficial to any elevator journey.

Don’t Overcrowd it

Elevators will have a weight capacity that, when reached, will cause the machinery to struggle or even malfunction. Do not exceed the maximum capacity if you want to make it to your floor stress-free; the simplest answer is to wait for the next ride or take the stairs. Besides, nobody wants to be pushed up against some stranger with bad breath just to cut less than a minute off their journey!

Now that you’re clued up on preventing an elevator-related disaster from occurring, you can ride happy, continuing to make this short journey the most uneventful part of your day. Don’t be that guy who overcrowds an elevator or naively steps in, knowing that you could be putting yourself at risk. It’s not worth the rush, just keep calm, think smart, and always double-check if you are unsure.