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How to Organize Any Space Within Your Home

Organize Any Space

Homes are loved and lived in, and quite quickly, homes can become overrun with clutter and stuff. Stuff that perhaps you don’t need, won’t use, and can’t even remember buying. The way to avoid all of this unnecessary stuff and clutter is to keep spaces within your home organized. Initially, getting organized can take time, but once you have a system in place, you will soon see how quick and easy it is to tidy on a daily basis. From the bathroom to the garage, organize each and every space to ensure it is functional and easy to use all of the time.


Make use of every nook and cranny within the bedroom. Use dividers within drawers to store small items such as socks. Use vacuum storage bags to keep winter clothes stored away neatly and compactly until next season, and keep shoes on a fold out/fold down shoe storage system that is slim and easy to fit in any space.


Utilize storage baskets. Wicker or rattan baskets look nice, and they can hold everything from toilet rolls to toothbrushes and makeup. Whether you use a slim and tall storage rack or you just use storage baskets on their own loose on a windowsill, you will find there will be no more bathroom clutter left out on countertops, and it will be easier to clean as you simply lift up the baskets and wipe underneath.

Helpful Hint:

Keep as much stuff off the floor as you can, as this makes cleaning quicker and easier.

Kids Spaces

Whether bedrooms or playrooms, storage is essential no matter how young or old your child is. Fun and bright storage will encourage young children to put things away and pick up after themselves. Use a combination of storage bins, baskets, and racks to keep as much stuff off the floor as possible.


This is the space where most stuff just gets dumped, so to ensure this doesn’t happen, utilize storage bins to store smaller items such as that float switch or silicone sealant. Use larger storage tubs for gardening tools and equipment, and install hanging hooks that can be used to hang up things, including brushes and hand tools.

With storage and organization, it is important to keep things readily available and accessible. Look at what you use and how often you use it, and if you find you are not using things so much, then put them at the back of whatever storage system you are using.

Decluttering regularly is just as important as organization. If you don’t want it or you don’t use it, then sell it or donate it to charity. To get on top of larger piles of stuff or clutter, spend at least 1 hour a week or 5-10 minutes a day going through your house and sorting it out systematically. Doing a bit of sorting out each day will ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task ahead of you.