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How to Select Men’s Sunglasses

Select Men Sunglasses

Sunglasses add glamour with supreme eye protection to the entire look. One cannot ignore them while going out on a summer trip with the sun glaring on top of the head. Purchasing quality sunglasses from affordable and stylish companies to look classy and cool the eyes is essential to complete this look. Brands like TomFord sunnies and similar ones produce high-quality sunglasses combined with a fashionable appeal to engage every customer and keep them coming back for years. Many men find it confusing to select sunglasses and accessorize them suiting with their outfits.

Here are some efficient ways to style any pair of sunglasses depending on their size, type, and other features.


Finding the right shape is a necessary step to looking good in sunglasses. Many professionals can guide an individual towards a particular design based on the customer’s face cut, hair type, volume, and other qualities. Buy traditional shapes that suit most of the population since one cannot go wrong with them.

One must select a shape the complete opposite of how they perceive their face to look. Triangle faces suit round glasses or oval ones better than rigid cuts and aviators. Square faces fall under the same category. Rectangle sunglasses are the best option for those with a round or plump face since it helps flatten the cheeks and produce a dashing look. Longer faces look best in creative sunglass shapes or smaller lenses since they make the structure look smaller and correctly fitting.


Choose new-age prints for a hipster and young look. Cheetah prints are timeless and look gorgeous on anybody regardless of gender. Opt for solid colors for formal attires and thin frames since it might look chaotic and cheap with many prints. Wide frames in different colors are necessary to suit all clothes for funky looks, but it is best to have shades of black and brown for versatility. 


It is best to opt for protective sunglasses since other variants will not fulfill their purpose. UV protection is vital in these glasses to keep harmful rays away and cool the eyes. Many people prefer polarised sunglasses, but one must find a combination of UV and this variant for the best results. Many brands like TomFord sunnies provide effective glasses that protect the eyes during sunny days and enhance clarity.

Accessorizing sunglasses:

Most people do not understand how to wear these glasses with their clothes, and styling them is a task. Here are a few tips to follow to style glasses stress-free and in minutes.

Casual attire:

Choose fun sunglasses with casual attire to create a gen-z look. Rectangle and wide-framed glasses suit this purpose the best due to their lightweight and creative touch. Go crazy with prints for a sassy look paired with a t-shirt and shorts. Semi-formal outfits look best with aviators and classy wide-rimmed glasses. It is best to have a slight tint to look fashionable but also light and fun.


Classic TomFord sunnies or Gucci glasses are perfect for formal attire. Thin rims with oval lenses are the best pick in this section since they remove playfulness and add a serious business look to the clothes. 

Beach and vacation:

Wear heavily protected glasses since long hours under the sun can hurt the eyes. One must also see without hurdles and stress while driving without the sun’s rays affecting vision. Wear creative shapes and extravagant picks without a doubt.

Dates and outings:

Use solid colors and frames to make the best first impression. Specific high-class brands are recommended for this purpose. It all depends on the outfit; impress the partner by wearing glasses suiting the personality and showing the body off.