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Proven Growth Hacks for Small Online Businesses

Online Businesses

Growth hacking includes quick experimentation across different zones of your business to identify the most proficient techniques for accomplishing growth. Growing business and boosting sales is the top priority for any business holder and in this world of online business, competition is so hard whether you are selling gifts like coffee mugs, chocolates, etc. or are providing services like software solutions, etc. There are simply so many online portals doing the same thing and the consumers mostly gained are through higher rankings on different search engines. So, how to overcome these challenges and how to be on the top? Well, giving your very best is the first thing to do and other growth hacks are shared below. Let’s dive in.

Prioritize Content Marketing

Content marketing is the secret to the success of many online businesses as it is the most efficient way to gain top rankings on search engines. Make a blog with content that is appropriately optimized with high-volume, trending, keywords to introduce your business as a specialist in the industry. These online blogs and articles with proper keywords can bring in a lot of traffic to your website.

Online Reviews

Online reviews matter a lot when it comes to gaining the trust of consumers and even search engines. Send links to your existing customers to write down your reviews and give ratings on different platforms and search engines. You can also dedicate a page to your website for reviews and feedback. This will help in maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

Exit-intent Coupons

Offering your website viewers with a discount coupon in exchange for their email address is an effective way to build an email list and also to gain more subscribers to your newsletter. People just simply love getting a deal or discount and this might even convert a normal visitor to a potential customer. The exit-intent coupon popup will be displayed just when the user is about to leave your website after browsing a few products.

Social Media Presence

With so many businesses only boosting their sales through social media platforms and advertisements, it is no more a secret that social media is the perfect platform to beat your competitors. Make a dedicated team to handle social media and post quality content. You can also offer freebies and can conduct giveaways with other businesses. Let’s say that Father’s Day is around, so you can start a giveaway for the best gift for father and users will participate in it, significantly bringing in multiple users to your portal.

Work on Mobile Optimization

Providing the best user experience is the thing you should work on and mobile optimization is the key point to start that. In general, 65-70% of the traffic on the web comes from mobile phones and that is why you should optimize your content and website designs for mobile users to provide a mobile-friendly experience.

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