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The benefits of studying for a career in nursing as an adult


Nursing provides practitioners with various pathways that extend beyond working in a clinical setting. For example, these professionals can become travel nurses, school nurses, and home health nurses, among several other careers. In addition to having options within the field, a nurse also can work their way up from being a registered nurse who works with patients to someone who works in nursing administration. 

The great thing about nursing is that earning a degree and the requisite certifications to begin working takes as little as two years for those who are simply getting an associate degree. A person who chooses to earn a bachelor’s in nursing might take up to five years to earn their degree, and a master’s in nursing might require committing up to six years, depending on the program. 

For example, a number of institutions now offer an FNP online degree, which is usually eight consecutive semesters or four academic years. Other career paths, such as a doctorate in nursing, take anywhere from six to eight years. 

Why would anyone want to go through so much schooling?

Spending any amount of time in school can reduce a person’s earning potential during their studies. Committing to up to eight years of school may seem challenging, especially when you factor in the cost of attending school. However, nursing provides career practitioners with numerous rewards.

Shape health and wellness

Nursing provides professionals with the chance to help people because their primary role is to care for others. Nurses are also advocates for improving the lives of patients, among other important roles. In these roles, nurses are also positioned to influence the wellness and health of the people in the communities they serve.

Employment opportunities

As nurses retire and age out of the profession, there will be a need to replace these valued workers. Moreover, the pandemic placed a strain on the healthcare system, causing many nurses to abandon the field due to burnout. Both circumstances have impacted the increasing demand for nurses. 

Between 2016 and 2026, employment for registered nurses is expected to grow by 15 percent, which is higher than in other fields; between 2020 and 2030, this growth rate is expected to be 9 percent. Therefore, you are unlikely to have trouble finding a job if you go to school to become a nurse.

Professional development

In addition to the numerous chances to earn a degree, nursing offers professional development opportunities to keep nurses updated regarding new practices and trends. Professional development often involves healthcare organizations offering courses, seminars, or conferences that help nurses to become better at taking care of patients. Ultimately, nurses can use professional development to advance their careers and other certifications, or they can use the information to improve their set of skills. 


Most nurses work day, evening, and overnight shifts that can vary depending on staffing needs. In addition, because a nurse engages different people daily, shift work in this setting sets the stage for diverse experiences and interactions. There is never a dull moment in nursing.

Earning an online degree is easier today

Individuals who are interested in earning a degree in nursing do not necessarily have to go through a traditional two- or four-year program, which typically requires sacrificing income to attend. Most colleges and universities offer a program or series of classes in nursing that allow students to remain employed while being enrolled in a program. In some cases, attending school online is less expensive than attending a face-to-face program, where students must pay for boarding or parking and commuting costs. 


Nursing provides professionals with a comfortable salary. When moving into urban areas, the salaries are often higher. Nurses earn significantly more money than most professionals worldwide. Additionally, because it is a field with a number of options for progression, there are opportunities to gain further qualifications as you continue your career.  

The bottom line

Nurses are respected worldwide and trusted to care for others. Wherever you go, you will find that nurses are valued and in high demand.