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Things to consider before remodeling your basement

remodeling your basement

remodeling your basement

Storage and laundry aren’t the only uses for basements. Families are now converting their basements into a variety of uses, including guest rooms, offices, rentable garden apartments, and upscale hangout areas. And when they do, they get a lot of value for their money. However, you need to conduct your research before picking up a sledgehammer or visiting your neighborhood home improvement stores. Before you begin your basement renovation in Oakville, there are a few questions you need to get answers to.

What Is the Value of Your Home?

Many homeowners do not have enough extra money to invest in remodeling. If you belong to this group, you must be careful not to over-improve your house. Why does that matter? Over-improvement happens when you spend more on your house than you can get when you sell it.

How Durable Is the Building?

Examine your basement thoroughly before beginning any remodelling work. Keep in mind that what you are seeing is not merely a new living area that is about to be created; rather, it is the basis of your house. Look for drooping ceilings, puddling water, gradual leaks, wall and floor fissures, and any possible electrical or plumbing problems. The majority of issues may be resolved, but in order to come up with a secure, long-lasting, and affordable fix, you’ll need to have them inspected by a qualified contractor and possibly a structural engineer.

What Kind of Water Are You Working With?

Wetness seeps up from the earth and flows through the porous concrete of most basements since they are constructed on concrete slabs that lie directly on dirt. Inch-deep puddles and light air humidity are both possible effects of this. Water can seep in here as well because basement walls are frequently constructed of concrete blocks. Additionally, if your wall is cracked or if the seal around your outside doors or windows is weak, those could be issues.