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Things You Need To Know About Vapes


Vaping devices or vapes have evolved a lot since its inception in 2003. It all started with e-cigarettes; vape NZ has come a long way with various types of it available in the market. We comprehend that if you are a beginner in this industry, it must be confusing to determine where to start. There is no denying that with the various types of vapes and e-liquid flavors available, it also becomes a rocky path for the experts.

This blog is here to help you start with the basics and lead you to the various types of vape devices available for you to choose the one suitable for your preferences. Without wasting much time, let us move forward to take a look at them.

What Are The Components Of Vape Devices?

There are three main components that you will find in any vape device, no matter how advanced the vape device is. These are:

1. E-liquid

It is the liquid that is used in all the vaping devices.

2. Atomizer

It heats up and turns the e-liquid into vapor. 

3. Battery

It is the energy source that powers up the atomizer.

What Are The Types Of Vape Devices?

Now that you have a fair understanding of vaping devices’ essential components let us move forward to the various types. It can be classified into four main types. They are:

1. Cig-a-likes

It is quite evident from the term that these are quite similar to real cigarettes in size and appearance. This device is suitable for beginners. The idea behind its making was promoting a smooth transmission from smoking to vaping. It is because of these devices that the term e-cigarettes are in use today.

2. Vape Pens

These are cylindrical in shape and larger in size than its predecessor, which are the e-cigarettes. Vape pens were introduced in the 2000s and are known to deliver a better battery performance. With modern innovations, these devices are now popular due to their utilization of vape oils, flowers, etc.

3. Mods

Vape mods are relatively a new addition among such devices. It has incredible firepower and advanced features for safety and personalization. Due to these mods’ increased commercialization, you will find a stylish wide variety of these devices, which will deliver powerful vape clouds.

4. Pod Mods

This device is the latest addition after mods. These have been able to garner vast popularity within a less time frame. A pod mod is a low wattage device and has a resemblance to e-cigarettes. Smokers and vapers find it the closest alternative to smoking currently in the vaping industry.


So, you see, all vape devices have a universal basic structure but differ in their features, size, and power delivery. The different types of it emphasize that these are designed to suit various levels of vapers’ needs and abilities. We hope we have been able to help you have a fair understanding of the basic things about vape devices and their types. Depending on your capability and preference, you can select the one you think you can handle.