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Top improvements you can suggest in a job interview to impress

job interview

Before you go to a job interview, you’ll probably spend a lot of time preparing answers for any possible question they might ask you. That way, you can be as prepared as possible to give the best answers during the short time you have to impress the panel of interviewers. While, of course, the answers you give to those questions are important, very few people prepare for the part of the interview where the interviewers ask whether they have any questions. This is a great opportunity to show your initiative and ask some questions that show you know an extensive amount about the industry. It’s also a great opportunity to even suggest real examples of ways you think you can improve the business. Here are some of the suggestions you can make to convince someone to hire you. 

Check out their website

Before you attend an interview, it would be good to spend a lot of time looking at all the information available about the business on their website. It’s highly likely that the panel may ask you about the products you sell or the services they offer, so it’s important that you have as much knowledge about the company in your head as possible before the interview. While you’re surfing the website, consider whether there are anyways that they could improve the website. If you’re going for a role that involves marketing or anything to do with the sales side of the business, suggesting improvements can really impress a panel when you explain how it can help. 

You could even research web designers in the local area who could improve the website for them. For example, ALT Agency has a team of website design experts based in Birmingham who have experience in building websites for big brands around the country. By making it as easy as possible for management to make the changes, it’ll show that you are prepared to go the extra mile to make their lives easier if you are successful in getting the job. 

Pitch your unique selling point

You might think the best way to impress the panel is to only talk about the skills that are directly related to the role you’re applying for. While you might think the interview panel won’t be interested in any other skills you might possess, you’d be surprised exactly what would impress a panel. You never know what other holes in their skill set that they’re looking to fill. For example, if you’re applying for a very small business, an accountant who also has experience in using Photoshop to create promotional material could be very appealing to a company.

Be flexible

As well as being skilled, an interview panel will also be eager to see how flexible you are. If they ask you whether you’d be happy to work evenings and weekends, it would be a good idea to say yes unless you have a good reason that you can’t. Having a new member of staff who is willing to work shifts which they struggle to fill with their existing workforce would also be another big improvement to any business.