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What can developers of mobile game apps do to make their games stand out in app stores?

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In a world where mobile games are ubiquitous, it can be challenging for developers to create a game that stands out in app stores. With so many games to choose from, users are often looking for something new and different.

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So what can developers do to make their games stand out? Here are some tips: 

Make sure your game is high quality

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to remember that users will quickly move on from a bad game. Make sure the gameplay is fun and challenging, the graphics are polished, and the sound effects are pleasing to the ear. 

Pay attention to the details

Take care with the design of your menus, icons, and other elements of your game. Make sure each screen flows smoothly and intuitively with the next so that users can navigate through your game without distraction or confusion.

Think about monetization early on

The two main reasons people play mobile games are entertainment and boredom relief, but developers often fail to consider this when designing their games. Developers should ask themselves what they want their players to get out of the game experience before getting started. This will help them approach things like monetization earlier on in the development process instead of scrambling for answers later down the line.

Add features that don’t cost money

A little bit of social media sharing here and some achievements there can go a long way toward making your game more appealing to users. For example, if players can tag friends on Facebook in their game, it will help increase your app’s visibility in the news feed and share counts. Players love sharing interesting content with their friends, so allow them to do so.

Provide incentives for reviews

If you want reviews on your app, you’ll have to give users a reason to leave one. Providing an incentive now and then is one way of doing that. For example, offer 200 coins or six gems for every review left. Not only will this help generate buzz around your game when users talk about how great they are getting paid to test out games they would play anyway, but it will also encourage honest feedback from real users.

Build lasting relationships with users

Communication is key to building lasting relationships, so take the time to talk to your users about their thoughts and concerns regarding your game. You can do this through email or inside the game itself, but just make sure that you’re staying connected. This will help you improve upon existing features and develop new ones based on user feedback.

Standing out in app stores is no easy feat. With so many games to choose from, it is essential to make your game stand out if you want players to download it. But by following these easy tips, any mobile game app will enjoy some degree of success.