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Where you can play for the El Gordo from the UK

play for the El Gordo

The Spanish El Gordo is a lottery that attracts massive jackpot prizes. The name El Gordo is loosely translated as the ‘Fat One’ implying the vast amounts of awards the lottery offers. The good news about the game is that you can┬áplay the Spanish Christmas Lottery from the UK. Multiple bookmakers offer El Gordo on their sites, giving you a chance to buy the ticket and try your luck. What you need to note, however, is that not all lottery sites provide the best services. This means that before you decide where to play El Gordo, you must choose the right lottery website. But, which criteria can you use in selecting the best bookie? Keep reading to find the answers to this question.

How to choose the best website to play El Gordo

Online lottery has attracted multiple bookmarkers making it difficult for a punter to choose the right one. Some of the sites are frauds that may scam you. Therefore, it’s essential to arm yourself with the correct info on how to choose the right lottery website. Some of the factors that you should evaluate while selecting the site are as follows:

The reputation of the site

Before choosing an online lottery site, it’s vital to check whether it’s reputable. You can determine the standing of a website by assessing the reviews of the past clients, the general look of the site, and whether it offers useful information. 

What the past clients say about the site is essential and helps to determine whether the website is legit. In this regard, if you come across many positive reviews about the site, you should consider choosing it because it offers high-quality online lottery products and services. It would be best if you never chose a lottery with multiple negative reviews from clients because its services are substandard.

Apart from client reviews, it’s also critical to evaluate the site’s general look and architecture. The best platform is easy to navigate and appears professional in its application of colors.

A world-class site should also provide clients with useful content that they can use to make decisions. The material should comprise engaging and informative articles, blogs, case studies, and audio-visual information.


Because you’ll provide private and financial information, it’s essential to check whether the site protects your information. The website should have a privacy section that states how client information is secured. You should also evaluate the kind of technology the site uses to protect client information.


The best site provides clients with specific awards, discounts, and promos. These moves not only encourage clients but also enable them to save some amount. It’s advisable to choose a site that offers you the discounts mentioned above and exclusive deals.

Mobile support

Many people use their mobile devices to conduct most of their searches and some activities online. While looking for the best site, it’s critical to select one that’s mobile-friendly to enable you to play your games on the go.


El Gordo is a Spanish Christmas lottery that has massive prizes. While in the UK, you can play the lottery from various sites that offer it. However, when choosing the best lottery website to play the game, ensure to consider the above factors.