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Why are brass handles the new choice?

brass handles

Brass and other warm-toned metals are classic, timeless finishes that give spaces a homey, nostalgic vibe. Brass, a classic finish, was considered old-fashioned, with many designers and householders unwilling to use it. Many still consider brass outmoded, recalling the wall-to-wall brass fittings style of the late 20th century, but its luxury appeal keeps it on the design radar. Products like brass kitchen handles are significantly resurgent, and introducing them is a simple and affordable way to refresh your house.

With consistent year-over-year sales growth, brass is a favoured finish. This classic combination of zinc and copper can range in colour from gold hues to a more subdued tint. Brass has multiple finishes, including a traditional antique effect, a brilliant, polished finish, and more. Occasionally, brass is given an aged appearance on purpose to add varied textures and authentic touch. It’s official: brass is back, albeit in a different form.


The coming new fashion is subdued, delicate, and silent. A muted brushed gold has replaced the bright brass hues of the 1980s. The gold hues of brass finish bring warmth, grace, and refinement, and their brushed appearance gives them a contemporary appearance.

Brass accents should be incorporated into interior design in the same way that you would accessorise an outfit. Consider your brass fittings the gold jewellery that completes the décor of your home. But hardware selection shouldn’t be a last-minute option. A well-chosen piece of hardware will change a plain room or office into a complex interior design.

As soon as brass reappeared at the centre of the design industry, it became evident that it was a finish that’d never go out of fashion. Whether you want to upgrade your home’s hardware or incorporate brass into your décor, brass is here to stay. Brass can be difficult to employ in a contemporary, fresh style that’ll not feel obsolete in a few years, so if you want to integrate brass accents into your house, here are some guidelines.


Merging different metals is an excellent method for incorporating brass into your home. The key to making an area with different metal finishes appear coherent is to guarantee that one finish predominates and to limit the number of finishes to no more than three. Brass goes well with cool hues such as black and chrome, but it shouldn’t be paired with warm metals such as copper.

For example, if you adore silver finishes such as polished nickel, stainless steel and brushed nickel, you can still include them in your house through small accents. In this instance, it would be appropriate to pair bright brass door handles with chrome cabinet hardware in a given room. Also, brass pairs well with black, providing a striking contrast without being out of place. You can increase the distinction by combining matt black with polished brass, where the bright texture of the brass contrasts immediately with the matte finish of the black.

With various available finishes, brass is a very flexible material that lends refinement and sophistication to any interior design. Brass is a timeless aesthetic that can be incorporated into any contemporary or historic home. Combining brilliant brass accents with other subdued, mattified designs creates the most current appearance. However, pick antique brass designs to complement older interior design ideas while decorating a classic property. A proper selection of brass kitchen handles and products can complement your interior decor. Brass kitchen handles and cupboard knobs are available, as are brass hooks and hinges. Each piece of brass hardware has a sturdy, robust structure and a beautiful brass finish that adds elegance to any home.