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Why Precious Metals are Always a Good Investment

Precious Metals

It has been accepted practice that crude oil is the main route to investing in resources or commodities. Yet of late, it is the precious metals sector that is proving most profitable. Most, if not all, precious and industrial metals are proving to be some of the most exciting investments and opportunities for growth. This article provides a deep dive into the world of precious metals and attempts to provide the rationale for continued investment into this sector.

Which precious metals and what is the current trend in prices

It’s not just gold, but silver, platinum, palladium, copper, and iridium that are all precious metals that have seen remarkable rises in value. Some of these metals are also now considered to be industrial metals but based on their pricing, they are very much part of the precious metals segment.

Although iridium is the latest precious metal to see a significant rise in value, the old faithful options are still the go-to solutions for investors. It was initially the look and feel of the gold bar or bespoke platinum jewelry that held the allure of the precious metals. Nowadays, it may be that someone with a well-diversified investment portfolio, where these precious metals are included, may never see or hold them in the palm of their hand at all and yet will make a profit on their sale.

What has been responsible for the increase in precious metal prices

The uncertainty in traditional capital markets and in the economy as a whole has led to a vast number of people looking for alternative means to invest and save money. The main uses of precious metal are jewelry, electronics, and dental procedures, though there are many more wide and varied uses, and as such, they tend to hold their value. 

Furthermore, the fact that places like make the machinery so people can make bespoke pieces shows the market is diverse. Manufacturers and smaller startups are able to make the most bespoke of pieces using valuable metals, giving them a valuable boost for those who can afford it. It is a trend that has also been driven by social media influencing, as followers emulate their favorite influencers with similar jewelry. Just ensure that you are aware that if your work is too bespoke, then the value will be about the precious metal rather than the design.

Then there are the electronics and design sectors, where silver specifically is seeing increasing prices as the demand for electronic products, new vehicles, and smaller, more precise machinery increases.

Precious metals are and will always be a recommended sector to invest in and the rationale for continued investment will be quite difficult to pinpoint on a general level since these metals are also viewed and valued very differently by the individuals who buy and own them. As pieces of jewelry and art, precious metal may hold more value than its weight determines, but its base cost will never go below this daily determined weight value. This is, in essence, where these metals have and will always have value.