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Best Ways to Modernise a Dated Room

Modernise a Dated Room

Modernise a Dated Room

Dated rooms can impact the way you feel about your home, depreciate a property when it comes to selling it, and generally be hard to live around. Fortunately, modernising an interior aesthetic is a fun task, and can be done in many ways. You can find some ideas and guidance below. 

Take a Look Around

Take a close look at the room in question and start to build an itinerary of things you want to happen on paper. This can then be used to figure out which jobs are realistic, and which are too far-fetched. Make sure you have an airtight budget so you can align your goals with your financials. You may decide, for instance, that an old fireplace has to come out and be refreshed or even plastered over, or the light fittings and flooring need to be swapped out. 

Focus on Floors

An old, worn-out carpet really drags the whole vibe of a room down. If this is something holding your modernisation back, it is one of those jobs that, when you finish it, will have the most impact. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you opt for carpet, wood, tile, or something else entirely; the simple fact that it is new and fresh will be enough to breathe modern life into an area. 

Be Bold with Walls

Dirty paint and faded wallpaper – what do they have in common? They severely impact the way a space feels and looks. You will never be able to achieve modernisation if you ignore the way the walls look. There are advantages to both paint and wallpaper, and you could even opt for a combination of the two. This is your chance to be truly versatile and bold and be a little daring too. 

Change the Furniture

There’s a good chance that if your whole room is out of style and stuck in the past, your furniture is too. You cannot update a room without putting in some new statement pieces to match the new design. The best place to start your search is with expert brands that know what they are doing, so for inspiration check out this ligne roset London specialist. 

Update the Fine Touches

When you have the skeleton of a room brought together, it is time to focus on all the things that make it cosy and loved. It doesn’t make sense to invest time, mental space, and money into a modernisation project for you then to put all the old, dated artwork back on the walls and mismatched soft furnishings on the new sofa. This is the opportunity to make the space feel complete and live up to its full potential. Find some new wall hangings that suit the updated aesthetic and lean into your whole theme so that nothing feels out of place. 

These methods will ensure that your room is fresh and free in no time at all. Create a space that you want to be in by thinking about how to breathe new life into each individual aspect. Don’t forget, modernisation is about the small touches as well as the big ones.