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How to Plan A Wedding on A Budget


Planning a wedding is a tricky and costly affair. From venues and catering to dress hire and suit fitting, the cost can soon add up. To help you plan a wedding on a budget, here are a few ways you can cut costs and save a little more for the honeymoon. 

Ask Guests for Food, Not Gifts 

More often than not, friends and family are more than happy to contribute to the wedding. And, while traditionally guests would gift the new couple with items for their new marital home, the modern married couples already live together. 

One way to keep catering on a budget would be to ask certain guests to provide their cooking and baking skills instead of a gift. An expert baker friend could make a modest wedding cake, while others can help with batch cooking meals that can then be reheated on the day. 

Ditch the Band

Although wedding bands can be quite valuable, you will also have to provide music after their set. This will likely require a DJ so that the dancing can continue long into the night. 

By skipping the band and opting for a sophisticated DJ, you can save money while still providing guests great entertainment. If you are set on live music, ask friends and family for suggestions to see if there is anyone that would be willing to perform for a price within your budget. 

Have A Backyard Wedding 

There’s something particularly special about a backyard wedding: It’s intimate, sentimental, and also more cost-effective. One of the biggest expenses of a wedding is the venue. By using your own garden, you can reduce your budget massively and put the money towards other special treats for the big day. 

Even if you host your own wedding, you can still hire help., for example, allows you to book bartenders for private events – at home or in a venue. That way, you can enjoy your special moments while guest’s glasses stay full. 

Manage the cleaning yourself 

Unless you’re jetting off on the honeymoon immediately after the wedding, the cleanup can be done without paying for cleaning services. You might feel a little tired and deflate after your beautiful day, but this is an expense that can easily be cut. A few cleaning products, rubber gloves, and plenty of bin bags will help you along the way. 

Escape Abroad 

Although it is always nice to have friends and family present at a wedding, having a wedding abroad can be a really easy way to stick to a budget. Destination weddings are more intimate and are usually only for the happy couple and a small group of guests. By escaping abroad, you can easily cut out the cost for catering, seating, large venues, entertainment, and much more. It’s also much easier to plan the perfect weather. Lastly, if you really want to push your budget further, you could honeymoon in the same location. Rather than having to head back to reality, you are free to enjoy the wedding bubble for that little while longer.