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Magic of Mathematics 

Magic of Mathematics 

Apart from providing a clear-cut definition of mathematics, let us call it a ‘universe of numerical wonders’. It is one of the most critical and beneficial learning subjects for kids. Learning mathematics eases the lives of human beings in numerous ways. Almost everything that human beings occupy in their lives is in one way or the other connected to mathematics.

Mathematics can be compared to a ladder to success. Each step of the ladder is each arithmetic operation. The only way to reach the top is by fixing your feet firmly on each one of them. That is why the academic syllabus for kids is structured in such a way that the mathematical operations are included sequentially. Initially, they are made to practice and learn the number system; then only, they are introduced to practice and solve basic operations of simple addition sums, subtraction sums, division sums, multiplication sums etc. The four basic arithmetic operations that help kids to improve their mathematical comprehension are listed below. 

  • Addition: Addition is a simple mathematical operation of adding numbers. In other words, it is the process of finding the sum of two or more numbers and is denoted by the ‘+’ sign.

Example: 3 + 2 = 5 

  • Subtraction: The operation of subtraction is performed to find the difference between two or more numbers. The inverse process of addition takes place in subtraction and is denoted by the ‘−’ sign. 

Example: 3 − 2 = 1 

  • Multiplication: The process of multiplication is also known as repeated addition. The process consists of the multiplication of a multiplier and a multiplicand. It is denoted by the ‘✕’ sign. 

Example: 3 ✕ 2 = 6

Here, “3” is the multiplier, “2” is the multiplicand, and “6” is the result. 

  • Division: Division is the inverse process of multiplication. A dividend is divided by a divisor to get a quotient. It is denoted by the ‘÷’ sign. 

Example: 10 ÷ 5 = 2 

Here, “10” is the dividend, “5” is the divisor, and the result “2” is the quotient. 

Every Problem Has a Solution 

Will you agree with the statement “multiplication makes the process of arithmetic easier and quicker”? Multiplication is one of the basic operations of mathematics, and it helps in easing complicated arithmetic problems. Stepping into the world of multiplication may make kids experience a little hardship in cracking the technique at the beginning. In one way or the other, the time taken to decipher the mathematical language decides the interest of kids in mathematics. If a kid takes a comparatively longer time than fellow students, then the kid ends up concluding mathematics as a difficult subject to learn. This preconceived notion regarding the complexity of the subject will then never get corrected by anyone, thus making mathematics an adamantine subject to learn for the kid. 

Learning the process of multiplication is never a demanding task if practiced regularly. When kids are made to practice and solve simple multiplication sums on a regular basis, they can easily get on track and effortlessly solve any questions. Apart from making us crack the complications of numerical, mathematics teaches us a great moral lesson that for every problem, there is a solution, and there are numerous ways to solve it. If your kids are interested in learning mathematics, visit BYJU’S website to explore more learning exercises and worksheets.