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The Importance of Business Website Design

Business Website Design

Having a website is accepted as part and parcel of having any type of business, but with so many different businesses having websites these days, it just is not enough to have a site with just your company’s information on it. To really make the most of what is a valuable asset, it is vital that you have good website design. This guide is here to help you understand how that is important and why you should improve your design as a priority. 

Website Design Impacts Credibility 

Research has found that companies with a strong design outperform those with a poor design by 219% on a stock market index over the span of 10 years. One of the reasons for this is because website design affects how credible a site is – as well as the obvious connotations with good branding. One survey found that 49% of people thought that website design was the number one factor in determining credibility of a business. This is vital, not only for making sure that customers convert to make a sale and ensure the site returns investments but for building up a loyal returning online customer base too. 

Make the Right First Impression 

Research has found that it takes the average user less than a second to get a first impression of a website. Users make this first impression based on a range of factors – including the look and visual appeal, the colors, the images, the ease of navigation, and more. That first impression will determine whether a customer stays on the site long enough to convert or if they move on quickly. No matter how much you spend on getting traffic to your site, if your website doesn’t hold traffic there, then it is essentially money wasted. Dawn Creative designs an awesome website.

Good Design Makes Your Website Visible explains how a successful web design results in a company being far more visible. As your site will likely have millions and millions of competitor websites, this visibility is crucial if you want your site to succeed. If your designs look modern, are impressive, and unique, people will start to identify with your products. You should take advantage of people’s attractiveness bias and use a well-designed website to attract customers and help your business stand out. 

Good Design Impact Functionality 

Good design does not only include the look of your site but also the way that it works. To be an effective website, your design does not just have to be beautiful but functional – if it combines beauty with sleek designs, traffic will be more easily converted into customers. Good functional design means gently guiding visitors down the conversion funnel. You do not have much time before your visitors stop paying attention and you have lost your chance at conversion. As a result, you need to design your site to be so easy to navigate that people do it instinctively, without a second thought. It is this ability to make a website feel natural that requires the most difficult mix of science and art – make sure you are always doing A/B testing to achieve the best functionality.