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Upgrading Your Closet the Easy Way and Once Again Embracing Your Figure and Shape

Upgrading Your Closet

As you get older, it becomes far too easy to fall out of love with your closet and with the clothes you own. Perhaps you have worn items of clothing on too many occasions, or maybe you just don’t like what you own anymore. If you want to upgrade your closet, change pieces, add new items, or just enhance what is already there, where should you start? Well, to get started properly, you need to evaluate just what you have.

Only Wear and Keep What You Want To

There is no point in keeping clothes that you do not want to wear or that you do now even like anymore. A lot of space within your closet could be wasted taken up by clothing that may even still be new with the tags on. Now is the time to be a bit ruthless and look at just what you want to keep and why. So, if you cannot think when you last wore an outfit, or if you haven’t worn it in the last year, then get rid of it. Similarly, if you are struggling to think of when you will wear an outfit, it is time to be a bit brutal. Outfits that have no purpose of use will simply languish in your wardrobe, taking up valuable space.

Go for Styles that Suit You and Your Body Shape

Quite often, your wardrobe will contain a few outfits that don’t even suit you or your body shape. These outfits may have been purchased a while ago; they may have been purchased when you started a new diet, or they may have been purchased simply because you like them. However, if they do not suit you, you will soon notice they are not right for you, as they will make you feel different and possibly even uncomfortable. Getting clothes that fit your body shape is crucial. For example, if you have curves, then embrace them and purchase ladies plus size clothing as these items of clothing will be created and produced to enhance and show off what you have got. Or, if you are thin or athletic in shape, build, and statue, you may want to then look for clothing that fits your frame and fits it well, going for clothing that gives you more shape.

Purchase Pieces in Colors and Tones That Compliment and Suit You

Getting clothes in colors and tones that work well with your skin tone and complexion is just as important as getting clothing that fits well. Not all colors will suit you, and this is something that you should remember. Some colors will drain you, so if you can, seek out a color session with a stylist. A color consultation is necessary to know what colors suit you and to ensure that you do not end up with a closet full of outfits in a myriad of colors and prints that simply do not reflect you or your personality.