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Ways to Help Children with Social Interaction Issues

Social Interaction Issues

Not all children find it easy to interact with others. Some have a hard time socialising due to insecurities, fear, or the inability to fit in. Children are still at a stage of exploring the world, and it is natural for them to be socially awkward at times. Even adults experience the same. The good thing is that children can improve with their parents and others around them. If you notice that your child has issues, there are a few things you can do to help them. 

Always have an open line of communication 

The first thing you should do is try to understand why your child acts the way they do. Perhaps you don’t have an open line of communication at home and when the child has issues, it may seem that no one cares. Have an honest conversation with your child about several things. If future problems arise, you may know the cause and can take the necessary steps to solve them. The conversation might allow you to discover that someone is bullying your child. It might also be due to an insecurity that hinders social interaction. The only way to know is by having a conversation and allowing your child to feel confident enough to share negative thoughts and moments with you. 

Set play dates

You could also assist by organising play dates with other children. Talk to other parents and see if you set up a play schedule. Start with a smaller group. Some children have a hard time adjusting to a huge social setting. They might feel better playing in a small group. It leads to trust-building and eventually your child will feel comfortable playing with more children. You can even consider an indoor playground from so the play dates are more fun and exciting.

Have fun family activities at home 

Some children cannot socialise in a play setting as they may not have many opportunities to play with others. They play with their toys alone or rely on mobile devices all the time. They have difficulty adjusting to environments involving more than two people playing the same game. You could start enjoying starting fun family activities, have a regular game night, or invite relatives over if you have a small family. It should be fun, and your children will gradually feel more comfortable being in a bigger crowd. 

Never force your child

The worst thing you can do is force your child to interact with other children right away. It is a process and takes time. Some children are naturally playful and will play with anyone. Others take time to adjust and take time to trust people they don’t know. If you try to force them to be less socially awkward, it can worsen the behaviour. Give it enough time, and things will get better. 

You can do something about this situation and hopefully, it’s just a phase. Your child will eventually get through it and become more comfortable with other children.