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What Should You Do With All Those Old T-Shirts?

Recycling your old t-shirts

If you were thinking about giving the closet a clear-out and have no idea what to do with a vast collection of old t-shirts, you might be in luck, as there are many ways in which you can put your preloved fashion statements to good use. 

Upcycling is becoming a favorite for the socially conscious consumer, the money-saving expert, and the fashion-forward thinker alike, making it a prospect worth thinking about if your wardrobe currently looks like a thrift store jumble sale. 

Here are some tricks and techniques you may wish to consider thinking about. 

T-Shirt Blankets offers a fantastic service the lets you transform your once loved t-shirts into the ideal couch companion, a comfy blanket. 

If you cannot bear to let go of your old t-shirts, turning them into a unique and highly personal blanket is a great way to upcycle your clothes while returning some comfort to those lazy evenings. 


Quantum leap to the 1960s through the beauty of tie-dying. It can breathe a fresh new life into your old t-shirts, give you a new hobby to perfect, and make use of a wonderfully diverse color palette. 

Moreover, it is relatively easy to do and at very little cost. You might even want to consider selling your brand-new creations online to maximize your gains. 


Donating clothes is a superb way of putting your t-shirts to good use and certainly beats simply throwing them in the trash. 

Many homeless shelters and charity organizations are always on the lookout for people willing to donate their preloved clothes, so if you feel like striving to make a positive change in society, you can start today by donating your old t-shirts. 

This might be a good avenue to explore for anyone who wants to extend the life of their t-shirts and place them in the hands of someone who will benefit the most. 

Painting Gear

If you were thinking about taking part in some home improvements anytime soon, then your old t-shirts might be able to do you one last favor and take the brunt of the paintbrush. 

Break Out the Scissors

For those among you who fancy their chances as a designer, why not get chopping with a pair of fabric scissors and transform the shape of your old t-shirts into an elegant new style. 

Some styles you might want to think about include the crop top, the backless t-shirt, and the classic workout vest. 


Recycling your old t-shirts is a safe and secure way to make sure that you go the environmentally friendly route of clothing disposal. 

This can allow your t-shirts to be remade into a wealth of new clothing options, and the materials can get the most out of their lifespan. 

This may be the ideal option for anyone whose old t-shirts have one too many holes in them or any irreparable damage. 

Despite any damages or color fades that may have taken place over time, recycling is still always a good option for those concerned with sustainability in the manufacturing industry.