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DIY Computer Repair: 10 Common Mac Problems and Mac Solutions

DIY Computer Repair

Broken or malfunctioning Mac?

We know how troubling it is to juggle assignments and work from your home office with a buggy Mac computer. And how infuriating it is waiting for someone to fix your computer for you.

The good news is that Mac solutions are within your grasp as an individual. We’ll run down the practical solutions for Mac with 10 common problems you’ll face.

Read on to learn at-home computer remedies!

1. Bootup Issues

When you start your computer, does it feel like it’s missing files or got up on the wrong side of the bed? Maybe you’ve been staring at a blank or grey screen for a while and need Mac backup solutions.

Booting up in Safe Mode will run your Mac on the bare minimum software while allowing your Mac to repair file directories and check the startup disc for errors. To access this mode, hold shift while starting your Mac and do not release it until you see the login screen.

Restarting your Mac after running a diagnosis is the best way to reaccess your interface.

2. Frozen Apps

Unresponsive or frozen applications can throw a wrench in your daily activities. Luckily, there are Mac solutions for rowdy apps.

Call up the Force Quit menu from the top-left Apple icon. This acts as a backdoor method to shut down the app and will get you out of your frozen purgatory. Open the application again and assess what happened: does the app need an update before it can run properly?

3. Broken Sound

This issue’s solution ranges from simple to complicated. The first thing to try is a hard reset. We know it’s too easy to be true, but a reboot helps your Mac start fresh.

Accessing system preferences and looking at Sound Output will determine where your Mac’s sound is going. Many times, your Mac is connected to another audio device that’s either far away or turned off. If that doesn’t work, visit to learn how to troubleshoot sound-related issues.

This is a top Mac business solution because of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. You need your audio working to communicate with your teammates!

4. Broken Fans

This one is annoying, especially when you’re playing videogames or running hefty programs on your Mac. Broken fans usually lead to overheating issues and can damage the computer’s internal workings.

It’s best to tackle this issue before severe overheating occurs. The first thing you can do is use your Mac on a ventilated surface that doesn’t trap the heat it produces.

Shut down your Mac and hold down the D key until you reach the login screen. This will run a diagnostic test on your computer’s fans and will isolate the problem. You can also check for apps that are causing unnecessary stress on your computer, even when you aren’t using them.

5. Long Wait Times

Oh, not the spinning wheel of death. Long wait times and unresponsive Macs point to single or multiple programs clogging up the system. Open your Activity Monitor and see if any application is eating up an unusual amount of data.

Though a hard reboot fixes this issue, too, the main problem lies in apps that have encountered an error and can’t disengage. The other issue could be that your Mac has a virus that is causing a major slowdown. In that case, it’s important to isolate the type of virus you have and see if you can purge it yourself.

6. Short Battery Life

With a short lifespan, it can become impossible to use your computer anywhere but near an outlet. You can feel tethered to your work alcove.

If your Mac is an older model, try unscrewing the back, popping out the battery, and popping it back in. For newer models, this is impossible, so we recommend toggling your screen and keyboard brightness. Lighting eats up a lot of power, so be sure to work where sunlight isn’t shining on your screen.

Short battery life happens naturally as the product ages. Though you can reduce your power consumption, DIY digi Mac solutions sometimes aren’t enough. Professionals should tackle serious battery issues.

7. Unable to Charge

This is a tricky but fairly common issue among Mac users. The first solution is to clean out the charging cavity with a duster. Blow on the charging connector and see if anything is in the way.

If that doesn’t help, try multiple different outlets. You’d be surprised how many people blame the computer when it’s the electricity that’s having issues.

Is your charger corroded? Are there wires showing through the rubber coating or even disconnected from the charging cable? It’s time for a new charger!

8. Viruses

Though this issue is the most intimidating, you don’t need antivirus software to outsmart the malware that has infiltrated your computer. The most common virus to attack your computer is from an unlicensed app or file you downloaded off the internet.

Isolate and delete the file, and look up a virus guide to find where it’s hiding in your computer. Viruses often hide in the /~Library folder of your computer and need to be deleted. Viruses can even create new admin accounts on your computer and lock you out of important features.

9. Spotty Internet Connection

The last thing you need is a bad internet connection. The best way to tackle this reoccurring issue is to forget the network and then reconnect. Remember to have the password handy!

If this Mac business solution doesn’t work, it’s time for phase two. Sometimes the Mac needs a kick in the butt to work. Open Network Preferences by clicking the WiFi symbol on the top right of your toolbar. Click Assist Me next to open a more sophisticated window that will check every aspect of your connection.

Sometimes it’s your router or internet provider, but this method can highlight exactly which step your computer is failing to connect at.

10. Find and Delete Cache Folders

This access method was briefly mentioned in the virus section. A lot of data clogging your computer can cause slowdowns as well as performance issues. Comb over your Library folder for unusual files or ill-performing information.

You have the power to do a thorough spring cleaning that will allow your computer to perform its job better.

Mac Solutions Are in Your Power

It can be intimidating to perform Mac imaging solutions on your own without the help of an IT professional, but spending time analyzing the issues plaguing your Mac makes you a smarter Mac user. When your friends need help next time, you can show off your knowledge of Mac solutions that fix performance issues.

Save money today by fixing common issues on your own! Read more from our blog to stay connected on business, health, and tech tricks that make your life easier.