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How to Breathe Life into Your Garden

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Having a garden at home is a huge benefit, as having a private outdoor space to enjoy is always a desirable feature in a property. However, to keep a garden looking good and to continue to enjoy it throughout the year, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance work it requires. From weeding to treating decks and fences, pruning, and much more, a gardener’s work is never done. If you’re getting tired of the way your garden looks or have bought a new house with an overgrown mess, here are some tips to help you revitalize this green space.

All Year Blooms

You might think that there will only be colour in your garden at certain times of the year, but there are plants that can make your garden look vibrant all year round. Do some research before you go to your local garden centre and select flowers that bloom and thrive in different seasons so that you’ll always have something nice to look at, even in the depths of winter.

Outdoor Dining

One of the main perks of having a garden is being able to enjoy the summer weather with friends and family from the comfort of your home. It doesn’t matter whether you have a big garden or a small one, you can always find garden furniture to suits your needs. Whether it’s a big 6 to 8-seater table, or a modest bistro set, having a place to sit and enjoy your morning coffee or a sunset cocktail during the warmer months is a must, especially if you’re fond of BBQs and entertaining guests.

Add a Water Feature

There is something incredibly soothing about the sound of running water, which is possibly why a lot of people like to add water features to their gardens. Not only can they help to create a relaxing atmosphere, but they can also add some artistic flair to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a contemporary design or something more traditional, it will certainly help to breathe new life into your garden. Just make sure you invest in quality filters and pumps for your feature, like the Oase living water models.

Create Some Privacy

If you live at a property that backs onto your neighbour’s garden, or the dividing walls/fences are a little low, see what you can do to create a bit more privacy. While it’s always nice to talk to your neighbours, no one wants to feel like they’re on display. Trellises are useful in this way and will also aid the growth of any plants that might be along the border of your garden. You can also plant hedges around the edge of your garden or use them as partitions to split up the garden into sections. 

Add Levels

Finally, consider adding different levels to your garden for a more interesting effect. You could place your outdoor dining table on a patio, then have steps leading up to a lawn area. Or perhaps have a summer house situated higher up at the back of your garden, with steps and paths leading down through it toward the main house, with flowerbeds on either side.

It’s always worth putting some time and effort into your garden to make it more appealing. If you’re ready to try something different, consider the suggestions above and whether they will work for your garden.